Building Digital Solutions in Construction

In an increasingly digital global economy, new technologies have a lot of benefits to offer Europe. Tools such as artificial intelligence, 3D printing, drones, and quantum computers can make the industry more efficient, sustainable and successful. European Standards (ENs) are on the forefront to make new technologies trustworthy and safe: they provide European best practices to lead the digital transformation of society and boost innovation while establishing a level-playing field. This new video ‘Building digital solutions in construction’ showcases the importance of standards. In particular, ENs can foster interoperability, thus ensuring the easier circulation of data, and help increase efficiency, making the construction sector more sustainable.

The video was realised by CEN and CENELEC as part of the ‘Standards Build Trust’ campaign. It presents the perspectives from leaders in the European construction sector: Riccardo Viaggi (Secretary General, CECE), Christopher Sykes (Director General, Construction Products Europe), Sue Arundale (Director Technical and Environmental Affairs, FIEC), Eugenio Quintieri (Secretary General, EBC), Martin Harvey (President, Euralarm) and Øivind Root, Chairman of CEN/TC 442 ‘Building Information Modelling (BIM)’

Link on video