(Interfax-Ukraine) – The Confederation of Constructors of Ukraine at a meeting of the Board of Directors signed memorandums of cooperation with the Ukrainian cement producers association Ukrcement and the state-run enterprise SETAM electronic system of trade of seized property in Kyiv on Wednesday.
Ukrcement CEO Roman Skylsky said that the association seeks to implement several important initiatives under the memo signed with the confederation. The designing of the public road infrastructure strategy will be brought up to date.
"We want that the share of cement-concrete roads reflected realistic opportunities of today's cement industry of Ukraine. Today we have a unique situation for Ukraine when the production cost of one kilometer of cement and concrete road approached to the production cost of the asphalt-concrete road, while expenses on exploitation of cement and concrete roads are less," Skylsky said.
Ukrcement seeks to find support among confederation members in the issues of switching of the cement and construction materials sectors to European requirements.
"The cement sector has drafted requirements and standards harmonized with the European ones and approved them in the Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Utilities Economy Ministry. The requirements are to take effect next month… The same processes should be started in production of construction materials on the basis of cement and in construction standards, which is the most important. We will seek support with confederation members," he said.
Deputy Director General of SETAM for law issues Mykola Pisanchin said that their cooperation under the memo with the confederation would first focus on provision of public registration services for ownership rights to property to confederation member companies.
"We are ready to do this at the smallest price – the tariffs set in Ukrainian legislation. We are ready to provide these services not only in Kyiv city and region. We have branches across the country. We have a registrar in each regional center… Any constructor, notwithstanding where it has houses, can also apply to registrars. This will be made quickly under transparent rules," Pisanchin said.