(Interfax-Ukraine) – The Ukrcement association of cement producers in Ukraine has warned of the mass distribution of low-quality cement of unknown origin on the Kyiv construction materials market.
The association said that samples of cement sold on the Kyiv construction materials market were taken for tests as part of the project entitled "Facing Consumers: Risks on Packaged Cement Market."
"90% of products without labeling names of producers do not meet the required quality standards. Cement strength in some cases is 80% lower than the standard strength," Ukrcement said.
The association said that the weight of packages was less that the weight declared on the package in 90% of cases. In some cases the package with a declared weight of 25 kg had 6 kg less cement in it.
The association revealed mass violations of the law on consumers' rights protection on the construction materials market in Kyiv. Outlets did not have documents confirming the quality of products.
The association said that under an initiative of its members national standards for cement products identical to European ones were drawn up in 2015.
"The introduction of these standards would provide for making products under European requirements. This would create an opportunity for participating in international tenders and expanding the sales market thanks to unhampered exports. This would also help to partially narrow the shadow market," the association said.
The switch of the Ukrainian cement sector to the European standards would allow companies to produce a wide range of cement products.
Ukrcement said that national cement sector standards harmonized with European requirements have been approved by the Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Utilities Economy Ministry on December 30, 2015. The standards will take effect on July 1, 2016.