(Interfax-Ukraine) - The State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate of Ukraine has proposed to legislatively change the procedures of developers' obtaining permits for construction of objects of categories I-III, the press service of the inspectorate has said.
According to the report, the agency proposed amendments to the law of Ukraine on the regulation of urban planning activities, providing for the possibility for developers to obtain permits for building objects of category III only after providing a full package of necessary documents, while the current law allows to obtain such permits only pointing to the availability of documents on the declaration.
"The declarative principle spreads the practice of putting false data in the declaration. Manipulations occur to reduce the category of objects' complexity by developers who have problems with primary licensing documents - the right to land, urban planning conditions and restrictions, the construction project," reads the report.
The authority stated that registration of permits for construction of objects of category III by providing necessary documentation will help control the legality of construction, take into account public opinion and reduce the amount of construction scams.