(Interfax-Ukraine) - The volume of construction work in Ukraine in February 2016 increased by 1.8% compared to February 2015, while the decline in January 2016 to January 2015 was 11.4%.
According to the State Statistics Service, these figures are given excluding the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea and Sevastopol and part of the Anti-Terrorist Operation zone in eastern Ukraine, and data on Donetsk and Luhansk regions could be clarified.
According to the authorities, the increase in February 2016 to January 2016 was 29.8%, while the decline in January 2016 to December 2015 was 75.5%.
The volume of construction of non-residential buildings in Ukraine in February 2016 from February 2015 increased by 7.8%, and the construction of engineering facilities by 12.2%.
The volume of construction of residential buildings in February 2016 compared to January 2016 increased by 35.7%, engineering facilities – by 31.7% and non-residential buildings – 18.2%.
In February 2016 to February 2015 a decline in construction work was registered in 13 regions of Ukraine, as well as in Kyiv, where the decline was 12.1%, to UAH 1.374 billion.
The largest decline in January and February this year, without taking into account preliminary data on the decrease in Donetsk region by 19.9%, to UAH 257.8 million and in and Luhansk region the increase of 2.6%, to UAH 37.5 million, was recorded in Chernihiv (by 32.3%, to UAH 47.2 million), Zaporizhia (by 24.8%, to UAH 122.3 million), Khmelnytsky and Sumy (by 21.1%, to UAH 117.5 million and UAH 75.2 million respectively) regions.
The largest growth in January through February 2016 was seen in Mykolaiv (2.2 times, to UAH 244.5 million), Kyiv (44%, to UAH 306.8 million), Vinnytsia (43.3%, to UAH 183 million), Lviv (27.1%, to UAH 419.4 million) and Kherson (26.3%, to UAH 46 million) regions.